About Mayakriti

How our stories help us to realise from where we started and our home is a big reflection of how far we have come, we intend to bring an entire civilization’s stories to your home and make them your own.

From all over India, we have handpicked each and every story through the artefacts. These artforms are a great reminder of our mesmerising culture and traditions, hard work and love of the artisans and the fragility with which they have kept the greatness of our country alive.

Established in 2021, Mayakriti is the brain child of the husband-wife duo Rahul Gupta & Varsha Sharma. Both being obsessed with travel and art, started this brand with the vision to bring India’s rich art culture to everybody’s home.

Our main objective is to create a shopping destination where every artefact holds a story to tell and simultaneously instil the sense of pride in people. We want to be a platform that brings the rarest of the rare artform at a convenient distance.